Pokemon Go Tips: How to use incense correctly

You’ve been using it wrong this whole time.

Pokemon Go Incense

Today’s addition to Pokemon Go tips is all about incense, and the correct way to use it.

You’re probably using Pokemon Go incense wrong. You’re definitely not the only one! Don’t worry – we have you covered. Fallan777 posted a great guide on how to use Pokemon Go incense.

1. Pokemon Go, go get off the beaten path


“From what I’ve found and what I’ve been told, if you are anywhere near a spawn point, your yield will be diminished. Personally I have found a few range and township roads near my house (I live on an acreage) that are almost completely void of residents. They’re just fields. These roads yield the best results for me continuously. Between a friend and myself, we were able to deduce that spawn points would seem to be wherever a concentration of cellphones are (based off ip address density maybe?). This seems plausible as Niantic would have access to Google’s self phone information. So the farther away from people you can get the better, make sure your tracker is clear.”

2. Keep moving to keep finding Pokemon

Pokemon movement

“If you move at a consistent rate, you’re gonna have a good time. For me, my phone, and my ISP, the ideal rate is 12.5km/h and stopping movement during encounters. This lets me knock out a 10km egg in around an hour. At this speed I also seem to spawn Pokemon at around 72 secs. This delivers around 25 Pokemon per incense, usually. Test your set up and find out what works best for you. I have a friend in another province who claims he can consistently track at 27 km/h. That doesnt seem to work for me. It would be nice though.”

3. Be prepared with Pokeballs, Lucky Eggs etc

Pokemon Lucky Egg

“Make sure you are stalked up on Pokeballs, grab a few friends and go on a proper Pokemon safari. You will each spawn your own Pokemon and it’s way more relaxing than rushing around trying to find whatever is on your tracker. Pop a Lucky Egg down and Power Level. Don’t forget to do your Pokemon evolutions in-between spawns.”

4. Drown in Pokemon and repeat

Pokemon Party

“Seriously, I’ve easily caught around 500 Pokemon using this method and you can get some really amazing ones that will impress your friends in Pokemon Go. I’m currently happy with my Raichu and two Charmeleons. There are usually evolved Pokemon that appear, too.”

5. Experimenting with Pokemon nests is key

Pokemon Nests

“Just through trial and error, I mentioned to Friend A that I figured there where regions when driving that determined what type of Pokemon might spawn as certain patches of road spawn certain types of Pokemon more frequently. He mentioned how the data mining had revealed biomes that they were unsure of their purpose. I’m not saying for certain, but I have definitely noticed correlations. One spot of road has spawned me 7 Charmanders, 1 Charmeleon, 7 Ponytas, 2 Magmar, and a few Growlithes from a fire-type biome. Backtracking over the same area I’ve spawned 2 Pikachus back to back. Driving in the same car, when our spawns were lined up, my friend and I would sometimes have the same spawn.”

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